History Department awards

Cash award amounts vary by scholarship and year. 

Stow Persons Award for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis
An award given to the undergraduate student who writes the best honors thesis for the academic year. In honor of Carver Professor of History, Stow Persons (1913-2006), who was a distinguished member of the department from 1950 until his retirement in 1981.

Alan B. Spitzer Scholarship
One annual scholarship awarded to an undergraduate in history who demonstrates exceptional promise and dedication to the study of history. Qualifications: junior standing and minimum of 3.25 GPA in History.

William L.M. & William E. Burke Scholarship
To support one or more annual scholarships for students studying European history; preference to undergraduate students. To provide students with travel expenses to and from Europe to expand their study – social history, urban history, architecture, and/or art.

William Eugene Wolters Scholarship
One or more annual scholarships, based on need and merit, awarded to a junior or senior student majoring in history, with a special interest in American history.

Departmental Academic Achievement Award
This award honors the two graduating seniors with the highest cumulative GPA in the history major.

Departmental Service Award
This award recognizes an undergraduate history major who has demonstrated exceptional service and leadership to the study of history at the University of Iowa.

Hamod/Habhab/Keeshan Scholarship
This award is available to an undergraduate history major in the University Honors program. See all requirements on the Honors at Iowa page

Funding for Internships
Please visit our Experiential Learning page for information on funding opportunities for unpaid internships.

Recent award winners

Phi Beta Kappa is a national honors society for students in the Liberal Arts. Through its journal, The American Scholar, and other activities it promotes the Liberal Arts across the country. Admission to Phi Beta Kappa is one of the foremost markers of distinction in the humanities. The following students have been invited to accept membership in the Alpha of Iowa chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.


Adeline Bradley
William Broadston Irvine
Elisa Burba

Hannah Cloud

Madeline DeCoste

Carson Frazee

Juliet Gratias

Max Halbach
Emily Kehoe

Abby Kellis

Cameron LaPage

Sabrina Leistikow

Ismael Leyva

Jesse Miller

Nicholas O'Donnell

Alana Scherer

Charlotte Stevens

Kaitlyn Walter

Yardley Whaylen

Jake Wicks

Amelia Williams


Brayden Adcock
Anna Behrens
Charlie Bell
Marcos Cervantes
Allison Clark
Phoebe Dillard
Jenna Eastman
Cameron LaPage
Peyton Levas
Ashley McKim
Nicholas O’Donnell
Kaitlin Oehlert
Alana Scherer
Jacob Siefke
Sydney Van Trump
Kaitlyn Walter
Hannah Wenger


Roxanna Barbulescu
Micah Broekemeier
Caroline Brown
Nathan Bryk
Megan Christianson
Keagen Coates
Jack Donley
Lauren Fuller
Nicole Gilbert
Sarah Hager
Reagan Hart
Cori Hoffmann
Aaron Kruger
Lauren Phillips
John Reasoner
Alana Scherer
Noah Weiner
Aubrey Werthmann


Sophia Gilbert
John Kamp
Jack Lauer
Jude McDonnell
Miriam Ochs


Nicole Allen
Emily Bronswick
Sydney DeBoer
Hannah Haack
Carly Heying
Emma Johnson
Jude McDonnell
Sean Ruecker
Hannah Schillinger
Allison Steger


Emily Lefeber
Benjamin Louviere
Bailey Petersen
Hannah Schillinger
Michael Steffen


Megan Ryan
Evan Bittner
Paige Mitchell


Samuel Ceruti
Garrett Gobble
Sarah Lauer
Lia Phanthavong
Joshua Woosley


Abigail Dockum
Nicholas Timmerman
Katelyn Zingg


Sylvia Bochner
Rachel Gentile
Emily Hegranes
Ryan Kunkle
Zachary Sanders

(Formerly Kay Keeshan Hamod Scholarship)


Max Halbach 


Talia Hill

Kay Keeshan Hamod Scholarship


Jack Lauer


Emily Bronswick


Cameron Moeller


Mila Kaut


Megan Ryan

Max Halbach 2024

Sabrina Leistikow

Roxanna Barbulescu 2023

Austin Meeks 2023

Miriam Ochs 2023

Sophia Gilbert 2022

John Reasoner 2022

Carly Heying 2021

Allison Steger 2021

Cameron Moeller 2020

Michael Steffen 2020

Joseph Steinbronn 2019

Joshua Woosley 2019

Sarah Francisco 2019

Nicholas Dolan 2019

Kate Dennis 2024

Owen King 2024

Joseph Woitach 2024

Leighton Barnes  2023

Kate Dennis 2023

Nicole Gilbert 2023

Megan McEvoy 2022

Sydney DeBoer 2020

Mila Kaut 2019

Daniel Ocon 2024

Amelia Williams 2024

Leighton Barnes 2023

Allison Clark 2023

Reagan Hart 2022

Jack Lauer 2022

Emily Bronswick 2021

Carly Heying 2021

Emily Lefeber 2020

Cameron Moeller 2020

Mila Kaut 2019

Abby Dockum 2018

Rebekah Gansemer 2018

Cormac Broeg 2017

Ryan Kunkle 2016

Ashley Wiser 2015

Adeline Bradley 2024

Joy Curry 2024

Zack Paulsen 2024

William Broadston Irvine 2023

Leighton Barnes 2022

Phoebe Dillard 2022

Anna Behrens 2023

Emma Caster 2023

Max Halbach 2023

Gretchen Klock 2023

Cameron LaPage 2023

Ismael Levya 2023

Kaitlyn Walter 2023

Yardley Whalen 2023

Nicole Gilbert 2022

Daniel Hettrick 2022

Talia Hill 2022

Megan Christianson 2021

Jack Kamp 2021

Jack Lauer 2021

Megan McEvoy 2020

Keagen Coates 2020

Sydney DeBoer 2019

Kaleb Schlatter 2024

Tobias Wood 2024

Ismael Leyva 2023

Yardley Whalen 2023

Max Halbach 2022

Charlie Bell 2021

Christian Lunsford 2020

Nathan Bryk 2020

Michael Steffen 2019

Kate Dennis 2023

Emily Bronswick 2021      

Hanna Haack 2020

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences scholarships

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also awards scholarships to students continuing coursework in a major within the college. Some scholarships are open to all liberal arts and sciences students and others are for select liberal arts and sciences majors.