Iowa Colored Convention Project

Faculty, archivists, librarians, Digital Studio staff, graduate and undergraduate students, from Iowa State, Grinnell, and University of Iowa, have organized the first regional satellite of the Colored Conventions Project. Co-directed by Leslie Schwalm and Tom Keegan.  The Project is currently building online exhibits about the 1857 and 1868 Iowa conventions--two of the twelve conventions held in Iowa between 1857 and 1896. Project participants include Petrina Jackson (Special Collections, Iowa State), Stephanie Jones (Education, Grinnell), Katrina M. Saunders (Education, Iowa), Miriam Thaggert (English and GWSS, Iowa), Heather Cooper (History and GWSS, Iowa), Leslie Schwalm (History and GWSS, Iowa), Kathleen Diffley (English, Iowa), Dwain Coleman (PhD. Candidate, History, Iowa), Aiden Bettine (Graduate Student, History and Library and Information Sciences, Iowa), Dellyssa Edinboro, PhD candidate, Education, Iowa), Mila Kaut (undergraduate GWSS, History, and Music Major, Iowa), Tom Keegan (Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio, Iowa), Janalyn Moss (American History Librarian, Iowa). The National Project is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; the Iowa satellite is supported by a Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry/Andrew W.  Mellon Foundation Grant through the Obermann Center for Advanced Study.