While much of our writing is aimed at academic audiences (other scholars, students), we also work directly with community partners looking to preserve or tell their stories.

Iowa alum and Adjunct professor of history John McKerley, is the public historian for the University of Iowa Labor Center, where he oversees the Iowa Labor History Oral Project (ILHOP), an ongoing collaboration between the Iowa labor movement, the University of Iowa, the State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI), and the Iowa Labor History Society.

Tyler Priest (History and Geography) has worked extensively with private and public partners to document the history of the offshore oil industry on the Gulf Coast. Products of this collaboration include Offshore Pioneers: Brown & Root and the History of Offshore Oil and Gas, Gulf Coast Communities and the Fabrication and Shipbuilding Industries (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, 2014), History of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in Southern Louisiana (Department of the Interior, 2008), and The Art of the Deal (Association of International Petroleum Negotiators).

Stephen Warren (History and American Studies) works with the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma on documenting and interpreting their history. This collaboration has yielded the edited volume, The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma: Resilience through Adversity (University of Oklahoma Press, 2017), a tribally-directed project funded by the Administration for Native Americans. A forthcoming volume, with Ben Barnes, the Second Chief of the Shawnee Tribe, Native Americans and Community Engagement will examine models of collaborative scholarship in the United States and Canada. Stephen recently donated an extensive archive of materials he has collected over the years to the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center in Miami, Oklahoma.