Rosemary Moore

Distinguished Associate Professor of Instruction

Drop-in hours: Tuesday 12:30 - 2:00 p.m., Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30 p.m., and by appointment

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Rosemary Moore joined the History Department in 2003. She holds a joint appointment with the Classics Department.

Rosemary’s major research interests focus on the social dynamics between various ranks of the Roman military, and the military and Roman society as a whole. She is particularly interested in issues such as the development of military discipline, and the influence of civilian modes of conduct on military authority and behavior. She has presented her research at numerous conferences in North America.

Rosemary earned a PhD from the University of Michigan in 2002.


Courses recently taught by Dr. Moore include:

  • HIST:1401  Western Civilization I (Ancient History)
  • HIST:4401  Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East
  • HIST:4403  Alexander the Great
  • HIST:4404  The World of Ancient Greece
  • HIST:4406  Warfare in Ancient Mediterranean Society
  • HIST:4407  The Hellenistic World and Rome
  • CLSA:1875  Ancient Sports and Leisure
  • CLSG:1001  Elementary Greek I
  • CLSG:1002  Elementary Greek II

Awards and service

  • Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship (University of Michigan) 2000-2001
  • Rackham Dissertation Fellowship (University of Michigan) 2000
  • Mellon Dissertation Fellowship (University of Michigan) 1998
Research areas
  • Ancient History
  • Roman Military - Social Dynamics Between Ranks
  • Roman Society
  • Development of Military Discipline
  • Influence of Civilian Conduct on Military Authority and Behavior
Rosemary Moore

173 Schaeffer Hall (SH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States