Friday, March 4, 2022

This spring The Alpha of Iowa chapter is pleased to announce that 12 exceptional history students, names listed below, were invited to accept membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Society. 

The Phi Beta Kappa Society is the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate honors organization in the United States. Since 1776, election to Phi Beta Kappa has been a recognition of academic achievement. The Greek initials for the society's motto of Philosophiae Biou Kubernetes ("Love of learning is the guide of life") were used to create the name Phi Beta Kappa. The Alpha of Iowa chapter was chartered at the University of Iowa’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 1895. 

Students invited to accept membership:
Roxanna Barbulescu
Micah Broekemeier
Caroline Brown
Nathan Bryk
Keagen Coates
Nicole Gilbert
Sarah Hager
Lauren Phillips
John Reasoner
Alana Scherer
Noah Weiner
Aubrey Werthmann