History Guide to Graduate Study: 

The Guide to Graduate Study, is your essential source for guidelines, requirements, and advice related to the MA and PhD degrees. Students should maintain ongoing communication with their advisors and the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) about their progress through the program and consult regularly with faculty mentors and the DGS about any questions that arise.

Below are the Graduate Guides applicable to students currently enrolled in the history graduate program based on the academic year in which they started. If your starting year does not have its own guide, you will fall under the purview of the guide in the previous closest year to your entry.


Department Forms

  • Individual Development Plan – a personal and flexible planning tool designed to help graduate students plan and achieve their professional goals. Should be done in coordination with the advisor and/or any mentors.
  • Plan of Study Document – similar to the Sample Plan found in MyUI, this document will help you keep track of your progress through program requirements.
  • Report of Qualifying Research Paper (QRP) – the QRP is required to be completed by all PhD students by the end of the 3rd semester.
  • Report of Research Paper – a second paper required of PhD students without an MA, completed before Comps Prep begins.
  • Comprehensive Contract Plan -- document for planning comps fields and committee. It can be changed by the student in conjunction with advisor approval.
  • Prospectus Approval Form -- internal form used to document the successful defense of the dissertation prospectus. 
  • Graduate Student Travel Funding Request -- this form should be filled out by the graduate student and signed off by the advisor before submitting to the department.

Other Forms Frequently Used

  • CLAS independent study contract -- all graduate students taking an Independent Study Course (HIST:7190 or through other departments) must fill out this form and return it to the graduate coordinator to keep on file. The contract must specify the content of the independent study and how the student's course grade will be assessed.